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  • What You Need to Know After a Dog Bite Accident

    Posted By Klenofsky Law Firm || 18-Aug-2016

    In the state of Missouri, there are certain laws that protect victims when a dog bite occurs. Because these laws can be complex and unfamiliar, there are many questions that will arise when you or a loved one is bitten or attacked by another person’s dog. Furthermore, it is important to understand what your rights are when a dog bite takes place so you can protect yourself, as well as your ...
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  • Common Mistakes That Can Hurt a Personal Injury Claim

    Posted By Klenofsky Law Firm || 26-Jan-2016

    There are many things that can greatly impact your chances of successfully settling a personal injury claim. Therefore, our skilled Kansas City personal injury attorneys would like to help you understand some things to keep in mind when proceeding forward with a case such as this. What Are Types of Personal Injury Claims? A personal injury claim is an accident in which a plaintiff is hurt by ...
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  • Personal Injury: What You Need to Know

    Posted By Klenofsky Law Firm || 29-Sep-2015

    What is a Personal Injury Claim? Understanding the law and the different types of personal injury claims you can file is important to you and your family. Additionally, personal injury law or a tort law is defined as when an injured person (plaintiff) receives compensation due to another’s negligence or intentional act which has caused them harm. Additionally, the following all fall under ...
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