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  • Can I Sue a Restaurant if I Get Food Poisoning?

    Posted By Klenofsky Law Firm || 8-Mar-2016

    Each year, more than 5,000 people are killed by food poisoning in the U.S., and more than 30,000 others are hospitalized. From produce to meat, nearly any type of food can become contaminated if it is improperly packaged, handled, cooked, or served. If you were served contaminated food at a restaurant, you may have grounds to seek compensation. Call the Kansas City personal injury lawyers at ...
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  • Common Mistakes That Can Hurt a Personal Injury Claim

    Posted By Klenofsky Law Firm || 26-Jan-2016

    There are many things that can greatly impact your chances of successfully settling a personal injury claim. Therefore, our skilled Kansas City personal injury attorneys would like to help you understand some things to keep in mind when proceeding forward with a case such as this. What Are Types of Personal Injury Claims? A personal injury claim is an accident in which a plaintiff is hurt by ...
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  • Personal Injury: What You Need to Know

    Posted By Klenofsky Law Firm || 29-Sep-2015

    What is a Personal Injury Claim? Understanding the law and the different types of personal injury claims you can file is important to you and your family. Additionally, personal injury law or a tort law is defined as when an injured person (plaintiff) receives compensation due to another’s negligence or intentional act which has caused them harm. Additionally, the following all fall under ...
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  • What to Do If You Are Injured on the Job

    Posted By Klenofsky Law Firm || 30-Jul-2015

    If you are injured at work, would you know what to do? Chances are you would be looked at by a medical professional, but many people don’t know that the employer may be held accountable for your injury. In addition, each state is required by law to provide their employees a safe and healthy work environment, and when they fail workplace accidents typically ensue. What Are Your Rights If ...
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