What Damages Can Auto Accident Victims Recover?

Being injured in any type of auto accident can change your life. Although every case is different, victims and families tend to face a number of setbacks following wrecks. This includes losses and strains related to their physical, emotional, and financial well-being.

At Klenofsky Law Firm, our Kansas City car accident lawyers know victims and their loved ones depend on full and fair recoveries to repair their lives after a collision. If you or someone you love were hurt in a car crash, truck accident, motorcycle wreck, or any other type of traffic collision, remember that you have rights and that our experienced legal team can help you pursue financial compensation for your losses, which may include:

  • Economic Damages – Economic damages are measurable financial losses that result directly from a crash. Common examples include lost work wages and future earnings, medical bills and the cost of future medical care, property damage, and other financial expenses.
  • Non-Economic Damages – Victims harmed in crashes can experience considerable pain and suffering and mental anguish, as well as a drastic change in their quality or enjoyment of life. Compensation can be awarded for these types of damages for both victims and the families of victims who are also affected emotionally.
  • Punitive Damages – In some cases, courts may award punitive damages. These damages are designed to further punish wrongdoers for gross acts of negligence and deter others from similar actions. Punitive damages can be awarded in all types of cases, including those involving drunk driving.

Keep in mind that while the personal injury claim process provides victims with the opportunity to recover damages resulting from a crash, it does not guarantee these damages will be awarded. In order to position yourself in the best possible light to recover the compensation you deserve, you should be focused on working with experienced personal injury lawyers who know what it takes to create an effective claim. This is especially true when the need for fair compensation is elevated, such as in cases involving catastrophic injuries or wrongful death.

Klenofsky Law Firm has helped numerous car accident victims secure the money they needed – and we’re prepared to leverage our experience for you. To discuss your case and whether you may be eligible to recover compensation, contact us for a FREE consultation.